You get an air conditioning, I get an air conditioning service

My neighbour, Steven was a funny old man. He was from Serbia and was often seen walking around the street in his boxer briefs. He was friendly enough, although all the ladies in the vicinity thought he was someone to keep away from. He apparently made it very well known that he was recently divorced. Nevertheless he seemed nice to me, always gave me a wave and a smile. I think it was just cultural differences that gave people the wrong impression. So what if he liked to get around in his underwear. I started to notice he was having a bit of a competition with the man who lived across the road, Bob. It was the sort of thing where if Bob did any sort of home improvements or renovations to his unit, Steven would do the same - but try to be more impressive. Last week I saw an Air Conditioning Melbourne van pull up in Bob’s driveway. I giggled to myself as I thought of what Steven might do in reply. It seemed as though Bob had just got a new air conditioning unit, which was confirmed when he walked to his fence and yelled out to Steven how great it was, latest technology apparently. I could tell Steven was furious. The entire afternoon I could hear him slamming doors and throwing things around. That afternoon I heard Steven on the phone to a man about Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne. Steven had an old unit in his lounge room that had given up working about a year ago. I heard him arranging for the men to give him an Air Conditioning Service Melbourne the following afternoon. I literally fell on the couch laughing. I thought their games were ridiculous, definitely entertaining, but ridiculous all the same.