Window assignment

My school was being renovated and the teachers decided it would be a great idea for the students to learn the process of calling contractors, and all the necessary information that goes with it. We had to write a report and step by step guide on what to do if you need something fixed in your home. This is my report. Timber window installers Melbourne and the broken school window. Step 1: Find the problem and evaluate. The window in the Home Economics room had been damaged and the frame needed replacing. Step 2: What is needed to fix this problem. The window frame and glass needs to be replaced. Step 3: How will you fix the problem. For this job, a professional contractor is required Step 4: Research the best person to help you fix the problem. I believe that Aluminium window replacement Melbourne are the best people for the job as their website has lots of information. Step 5: Arrange for this person to come and have a look at the issue. The school has arranged with the contractor to come and have a look during school lunch break today. Step 6: Converse with the person to work out a solution. The contractor has said that the entire framework needs to be replaced as it has started to rot and can be unsafe. He also said the glass in the window needs to be replaced as well. Step 7: Act on this solution. The contractor will replace the glass and framework tomorrow afternoon. Although the teachers thought it was a great idea, I’m not sure the contractors from Window replacement Melbourne enjoyed having 22 children follow them and ask them about every detail of their job. They were so polite and professional about it though and I really learnt a lot.