We wore bright clothes in the funeral limousines

Before my grandma died, she told us that she wanted her funeral to a joyous celebration of her life and the legacy she had left behind, not a morose day of hopelessness and weeping. She made it very clear that we were to arrive to her funeral in fashion and specifically requested me to ensure the day began, and continued on a happy note. I decided that one of the best ways to honour her wishes was to hire funeral limousines Melbourne for the family and to create a funeral playlist featuring a mix of my grandma’s favourite golden oldies, well known sing alongs and some modern gems. I informed the passengers in the limos that the playlist was not to be changed and that no songs could be skipped. I think my family was wary of my decision, but no one had the guts to voice their reservations, and the day of my grandma’s funeral arrived and we piled into limousines Melbourne wearing bright, vibrant colours and smiles on our faces. The funeral service was a success- the people who spoke relived fond memories of my grandma and her cheerful disposition and cheekiness was reflected on with warmth. One of my favourite stories was told by my grandma’s brother, who said that when they grew up, the two of them would throw rocks onto the neighbour’s tin roof in the middle of the night and run away without leaving a trace, making the neighbours think that their house was haunted. When the service was over, my family returned to our stretch limo hire Melbourne limousines. We lead the way to the wake where my grandma’s loved ones had further opportunity to praise her character and swap stories. If she saw her funeral, I think my grandma would be proud.