We just had an Elkan Maru wedding

We have just witnessed the happy union of Matthew Kreuz and Samantha Jaeser, two of the happiest people I know, and now two people married for the least amount of time. It’s been 27 hours and counting. I know that they’ll be happy because the music swells in my heart whenever I see them together. I need to get back to the ship, and see how many blue wedding invitations we have left, and how I can get rid of them. I’ll see if I can unload a few when we are searching for a new security officer and pilot. Jeremy Davis, the young copilot under Sam can take over piloting duties; and she herself praised him very highly. I’ve seen him work and he is more than capable of the task. We do need a new copilot then. A friend of mine; Thomas Highland is in the area, and said that he would know of a few young copilots. Normally I would go to SSAEFS, but it’s more than 34 parsecs form here. We’ll head off to the Rohedra Hub, catch up with Tom, drop some unique wedding invitations, and see if we can’t find a copilot. We’ve had a few people come in, and do some tests and an interview. I think we’ve made our decision though; we are going to go with Jamie Chambers. Jamie is the greatest young pilot I’ve ever seen. His hand eye coordination is off the charts, and his intelligence is greater than most. I would be proud to have him come on board the Elkan Maru. I wonder if he is as good a wedding invitations salesman as he is a pilot. I hope so. I also hope that he gets along with Jeremy. That kid can do some moves, but Jeremy is brilliant.