We have the very best sheds now

We needed to get the very best storage barns Tamworth from the company that makes them, over on Perdu. Once we did that, we had ourselves the best, most decked out cargo bay in the whole subsector, maybe even the whole galaxy. I don’t normally like to make wild boasts like that, but I really do think that the Elkan Maru was as beautiful that day, and every day since (including today) as any one of these model ships that people keep talking about. You guys can keep your Springboks, and your Silvers, I’ll have my Elkan Maru any day of the week. Now that we have the new and improved cargo bay, complete with all the storage sheds Tamworth that we could ever need, and so much more; a lot more people will be coming to us for their private merchant needs. We are the very best, after all. I am the navigator of the ship, and I like that we can go wherever we want it, provided we know how to get there. That's where I come in. I’ve been studying maps since I was five years old; it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I get to be on the bridge; I get to tell people what to do; the captain and first mate look to me for my expertise, and I don’t have all the pressure that the pilot has, while still being one of his men. It’s a great job; the best in the world in fact. Right now we are hauling more than 56 tonnes of steel gratings to Searin, in the hopes that we can get a bit of cash for them. This isn’t a transport job, just a prospect that we are looking into. Mr. Black says that he knows a guy on the capital, and we can talk to him. I don’t get to sit in on the meetings, but I hear about them afterwards. I get to hang out in the horse sheds Tamworth sometimes, when we are in the deep; that’s my sanctuary.