We have new IT system

We’ve recently upgraded our network system thanks to the good technicians of IT support Melbourne. they were instrumental,w well more than that, they did it all. They were marvellous, and Father, you should have seen them work. I know that you, Riley and Marcus had to go and get mechanical parts, but it was quite a sight to see. We dismissed everyone else to bed, as Jess and I watched the team from managed IT services Melbourne were able to install a new system for the network, with a whopping 99% uptime. I think it may have actually been more than that, I’m not too sure. I think that Thomas might have gotten a kick out of seeing the IT services Melbourne crew do their thing. He had just gotten off flying through the night, trying to make up for lost time, when he was out of commission. He likes maths and things, but he was also a high school teacher. He knows more about Shakespeare and Of Mice and Men than anyone else I know. He’s also a dweeb. All three of us are dweebs though, let’s face it. The new system, which will be installed onto the network for the rgo in about three hours, will be a major upgrade, according the Jess. It will be streamlined, and allow for much easier access for everyone, not just Jess. It almost seems like she’s putting herself out of a job with this upgrade, but no doubt we’ll still need someone to run it. The IT systems Melbourne crew also talked about ships in general, both airships and sea ships. Due to the harsh terrain, cars were never really an option for the people of Aerros. We were nomadic, as well as sectioned off into our states nations. We went from there, into the ships that went on either side of Aerros, as well as up and down the Water Wall. From there, the ships just upgraded to the flying airships we see today. The new system also has an inbuilt encyclopaedia of Aerros, hence the history lessons. The size of Africa on the Old Earth, each of  the 10 nations could be considered a continent unto themselves. They have distinct enough borders, as well as cultures, languages, food, climate all their own.