We are coming up to our IT upgrade

We are not running the most effectively and most efficiently that we could be. We need to upgrade the system that our networks are using by contacting the IT services Melbourne and seeing about an IT audit. We go and check up our whole ship, the E-Class Explorer the Argo, every year, since she’s a delicate machine. We also need to do the same for the IT system and infrastructure that we are using, or else we are just asking for trouble. as the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We need to do an upgrade and we only have 5 days left to organise it. ONce that new year kicks around, it will be so hard to get an appointment, since everyone else will be scrambling to do that same, for their out of date starships. The best way to be the best is to plan to be the best. We are on our way to IT solutions Melbourne to see about what kind of system we could use, or what kind of server we need to upgrade to. The boys and girls at IT services recommended the best of the best. I said that it was the exact thing we’d been looking for, how did they know? They said that they did an IT audit of our entire system, and found some areas of weakness and areas where the system network could use improving. It was the areas that I myself had figured out, and therefore this new system would cover. It was like Kismet, great minds thinking alike. The ship is fantastic. like every new upgrade to the TARDIS, the new computing and IT systems Melbourne has meant a design layout for most of the control areas and the server room. Now the Argo has a much more blue/green feel to it than before. Not that that was hard; before it had absolutely no blue or green. For that matter it had no other colour apart from brown, which was mostly rust, to be honest. I love the new ship now, and I love how efficiently she runs.