The tour was amazing

My best friend of more than 15 years, the writer John, said that before I got married, I should have a party. he said that he would take me on a tour. Not a music tour like all of the kids are doing nowadays, but one of those winery tours Melbourne, with a hired limousine, where we can travel in style and in luxury. I was all for it, being a big fan of limousines. We used to love seeing them roam around the town when we were younger. we have been best friends since we were 14, and he has always been there for me. we were in the ame limousine on the night of our graduation, and when I first met my future wife susan. She was actually the date of a friend of ours, but just as a friend. as soon as I saw her,. I knew that I wanted to marry her on the first minute of meeting her. i also knew that i wanted to ride in a limo hire Melbourne again. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to since that fateful day. Now, 10 years later, I get to relive one of the best nights of my life, for two whole days. I’ll get to go on a great tour with my best friend before I get to marry my other best friend. The tour was the most fun that I could ever have without my future wife being there. I hope that she gets to see the photos that we had, but maybe not all of them. We did get a bit rowdy at some point during the tour, but I don’t really remember all of that last night. The point is, I think that Susan would like the photos of the limousines Melbourne, when we were in it. She will love how good John and I look in it.