The termites are getting pretty bad

I know that the termites are getting pretty bad. I also know that the termite control Melbourne crew of exterminators will be here in the morning. We just need to hold out until the cavalry gets here. We’ll be getting air support within 13 hours, so hold tight until then. I’m getting some flashbacks to the navy, and it’s not too pleasant. I never really liked it there, so I was glad that we could go in a civilian ship for four years, and now into a house. The only bad part about this house is not actually part of the house. It’s actually tiny bugs that are inside the house. They eat away at the timber and wood inside the walls and the floor, until it’s rotted from the inside out. I mean, you know what termites are, you know what their MO is. The termite inspections Melbourne team will be here in T minus 8 hours. I mean, who would have thought, out of all the things that this house could have, that we would have the only house in the street with termites. I don’t know if it’s like a disease that can spread from house to house. I don’t know the science behind the termites, so I don’t know how they travel, interhome, but I do know that they travel very quickly intrahome. I think I have that the right way around. I don’t know how they travel between homes, but I know they travel fast inside a home. Yes, score! Well, not exactly score, but I did want to say that we have T minus 4 hours until the cavalry gets here. The termite treatments Melbourne is the cavalry in case I couldn't get that point across in the other 87 times I mentioned the two of them. I don’t want to talk down to you though, my loyal and intelligent reader.