The IT services were fantastic

We run a great, small, tight and well oiled ship. We have great computer on board, thanks to the IT services Melbourne crew. We don’t know much about much else, but we know everything there is to know about ships, and data transfers from ship to ship. We’ve been working in this game for a long time now, and we’ve been on this ship for about two years. The ship is called the Herring. It’s our official name, but only at Hubs, since we never like our presence to be noticed by that many people. We are dressed as a Letter ship, which gets us past many of the most secure network passageways and information Hubs. It comes in very handy. The Herring is a play on a red herring, which was a distraction or diversion which wasn’t the real suspect. It’s a play because we are fugitives and criminals, dressed as civilians. There are four of us on the Herring; Henry Drummond, the IT systems Melbourne engineer, who handles all of the computer programs, and functions, which itself handles all of our information; Hal Supine, the pilot, who we picked up after he dropped out of SSAEFS; Enzio Montoya, the ship’s engineer and certified mad genius; and myself, James Perdu Herriot, the ship’s captain. We are a rag tag bunch, that much is certain, but we get the job done, when no one else can. Well it turns out that the only jobs we dso are the ones that we want to do. We are criminals, lets face it, and we deal in information. We steal and we cheat and we lie our way to the top, and then we sell it all to the highest bidder. All of this would not be possible without any one of these men, and especially the ship, and the IT solutions Melbourne crew, for helping us out all those times.