The castle can be bounced on

I am sitting in the middle of a huge kids jumping castle hire Melbourne castle, waiting for someone to come and play with me. My name is Tim, and I’m very lonely. I have been known as Tim for about 200 years now. Before that, I was also known as Tim, but more commonly as Timothy Klaxon, the man who lived down the street, and before that, little Timmy Klaxon, the boy who lived down the street. It was when I hit about 50 years old, and I still looked as though I was 28 that I thought that something was different with me. It was like that for about 30 years, and I stayed the same as I was a long time ago. I stopped aging, I found out, and my cells heal a lot faster than anyone else’s in the world. I am utterly unique in this respect, unless I don’t know of a few other people who have this, and I’m just unaware of them. Actually, that could really be true, since no one knows about me. There could be some kid in the middle of the suburbs who didn’t know that he has this, and I can’t find him yet. I need to gather them all. If they are like me, they will like the bouncy castle hire Melbourne crew and the bouncy castles that they have. I know that I love them, and I have a funny feeling that the others, if there are any others, will like them too. I will try to send a worldwide shout out to all others that are like me, by holding a huge event, a bouncy castle marathon event, a week long party for all those things from the jumping castle Melbourne company. They won’t know what hit them, and maybe I’ll find some brothers and sisters of mine, long since forgotten.