The captain says I’m next

We are trying to be a democracy, and as such, we all get a vote in things that happen on the ship. The captain, Christian Collier, is in charge, of course, but even a democracy has a president. We really don’t know where we are going to go next ,and as such, we need to pick a place, and then go. I’ve been chosen first on the list, since my name is first, alphabetically, after the Captain’s of course. His first choice was to go to Rostern the capital, and that’s why we are here. We came to offload some of the extra portable car batteries that we picked up in Lower City. we were able to salvage them, and now we have to pick somewhere to go now. I’m Eleanor Landers, by the way. I’m Emily and Jason’s mum. Jason is still a child, barely a year old, and so we get one combined vote, until he’s old enough to want to go anywhere on his own. We have a whole day in Rostern and the captain said that we are wheels up at 0800 hours tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see this city. It’s been a dream of mine to come here. I’m a chef, and it’s long been known that Rostern has some of the best restaurants in all of Aerros. With the commission from the sale of the jump starter packs, we might be able to afford some bread at one of them, but I’ll be sure to come back here one day, when I can afford it. The desert oasis is what they call it. The paradise in the heat, is Rostern. It’s just as beautiful as I imagined. I want to see all of the Crown City, but I know I can’t. Where to go next? I think that I might choose somewhere a bit cooler to go next The heat might be getting to me. I think I'll choose Elba next. I know that it’s the girls’ home state, and home to some of the best restaurants outside of Rostern. It’ll be perfect for Emily as well, as she loves the mountains. Before we do any of that though, we need to get rid of these battery packs. They’ve been cluttering up Richard and I’s chamber for 10 days now.