Taking responsibility for the window repairs

With both hands firmly gripping onto the javelin, I used all the strength in my body to rip it out of the window sill. Earlier that day, I’d been practising my throwing in the back yard, as I always did. As the sun had set and the night filled the sky, I decided to pack up my equipment and head inside. I knew that dinner would of been ready in a little while and it wasn’t wise to practise throwing in the dark, especially with such a strong, sharp javelin. My mother had sought out the best javelin in the area when I’d told her I was going to be a professional thrower. She’d never heard any goal, or life ambition come out of my mouth so I think when she heard that, she pounced. Now that my javelin was protruding from the upper window sill, I could see that my mother was starting to regret her decision. I could see her wondering whether she was encouraging me to become a spear thrower, or some kind or warrior-hunter-woman. She’d hoped for a pretty girl, a pink-loving, doll-playing, picnic-loving, sweet girl - and I was far from that. My father had walked inside to find the Window repairs Melbourne business card, after hearing my javelin hit the house. Dad had came and had a look at what had happened, not an ounce of shock in his body when he saw the javelin sticking out of the house. I think both him and Mum had expected it sooner or later. I walked inside with my head hanging low, only to hear my mother tell me that tomorrow, it was my responsibility to arrange repairs with Timber window replacements Melbourne. Mum wasn’t having any talk-back, her decision was final. I took the Aluminium window installers Melbourne off my father as I walked up to my room.