Take the rodents away!

I was doing a few minor renovations to my home. I’d lived there for three years already and was getting bored with the same mediocre feel of the place. It just seemed boring. I decided to rip up the old grey carpet that was in the lounge and polish the floorboards. That would give the room a totally different feel and was an inexpensive way to revamp my house. I started pulling the carpet up and was shocked at the state of the wooden floorboards. They were not in good shape, in fact it looked as though you could put your foot right through them. Through some of the cracks I could see groups of mice. There looked to be hundreds of them! I wondered to myself how had I not heard them scampering about. I needed to get this fixed as soon as possible, I know mouse multiply like crazy and didn’t fancy sharing my home with rodents. Pest Control Melbourne was recommended to me by my neighbour. He had previously had the same problem and guaranteed they would be able to help. I gave them a call and told them about my new found friends in the floorboards. Pest Inspections Melbourne said they would definitely be able to help, have the spray done quickly and that I would be able to get back to my renovations in a few days. I booked an appointment and went back to the lounge room. Well, that puts things on hold for a while. It was quite entertaining watching the mice go about their day. The way they used their little hands to rip off bits of wood from the flooring. I could not wait for Cockroach Control Melbourne to come and take these rodents away.