Tafe troubles no match for air conditioner repair team

It had been a long time since I’d been in a classroom. I remember how happy I was leaving school, knowing I’d never have to sit through a boring lecture ever again. Now, ten years later here I am. I’d just started the theory section of my cheffing apprenticeship. I already had two years of practical work completed and a job in a restaurant, I just needed to get my books signed off so I could call myself ‘qualified’. The classroom was small, with a few rows of desks. There was only about 12 other people in my theory classes, which was good for me. The class felt muggy, as if the air had gone stale just from being in this room. The windows were permanently shut and the discomfort was obvious, with teacher and students both fidgeting in the heat. I asked the teacher if we could open a window and she assured me that it would be fixed soon and that the people from Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne would be here soon to sort it out. I asked her what she was talking about and she explained to me that the air conditioning had broken down, the classrooms weren’t always this disgusting. I was relieved to hear that. Since the sentence left my teachers mouth, I couldn’t stop thinking about how long the guys from Air Conditioning Melbourne would be. It was pointless trying to learn in this environment. During recess I saw the Air Conditioning Service Melbourne truck pull into the car park. The men jumped out and headed for the office. I hoped that by the time recess was over, they would have fixed the air conditioners. Otherwise, this whole day would be a waste of time. No one was learning anything.