Rubbish collectors take away coop

We had chickens for about ten years. I always had chickens growing up and it’s just been normal for me to have a chicken coop in the backyard. Unfortunately a fox managed to get into our chicken coop and killed all the chickens. That all happened about four months ago. We were going to get more chickens, but seeings though the kids have all moved out and it’s only me and my husband at home, we decided not to. The chicken coop is still sitting in the backyard. We had a fairly strong storm last week and it was very lucky that the chickens weren’t around for it. The coop was destroyed by the storm, blown over and bits of the roof ripped off. It was not a great look for the backyard, having a destroyed chicken coop sitting along the fenceline. I decided to clean up the yard and call Rubbish Removal Canberra. There were a lot of other bits and pieces I found lying around the garden. I gathered everything I wanted thrown out into a pile and waited for Garden Waste Canberra. I spent the next few hours doing general housework and looking up vegetable garden ideas. I’d always wanted a veggie patch, but never known enough about them to start one up. Maybe once the chicken coop is gone I could put a veggie patch in there. The men from Hard Rubbish Collection Canberra arrived and I showed them through to the backyard. The men had a bit of trouble getting the coop out to the truck, but they managed in the end. It was so weird to look at the garden without a chicken coop. Soon that whole back fence will be lined with colourful, healthy vegetables.