Pre-booked cleaning for pre-school

I sometimes volunteer at the pre-school just opposite my apartment. Its a lovely place and the teachers are very nice. They have an abundance of patience and are always smiling. I stayed for two hours today, helping the kids with their artwork and reading stories. It’s a very happy place and I feel like I’ve achieved something every afternoon I’m there. Today the kids were doing finger paintings and one of the boys thought it would be fun to start a paint fight. The kids ended up covered in colourful water based paints, and so did the carpets, walls and curtains. After the kids went home I asked the teachers how they were going to clean up all the paints. They told me that they had Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide on speed dial and had pre-booked for them to come out this afternoon. Apparently they pre-book a steam clean anytime the kids have art. I couldn’t help but laugh. I stayed back to help the teachers clean up the books and rubbish that the kids had scattered around the room. Toys were everywhere. Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide showed up, said hello and got straight into cleaning the carpets. I saw one of the ladies pull down the curtains and take them outside to their cleaning van. “I didn’t realise they did Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide as well!“ I said to the teacher. She just looked at me and smiled. I watched the cleaner through the window as she stripped the paint and finger marks from the curtains. She did it so quickly and effortlessly. Just before I left I got a card off the cleaners. You never know when that might come in handy!