Mortgage advice for my bestie

My best friend had just asked for my honest opinion about something and I really wanted to give it to her. I wanted so desperately to tell her to take a minute, think about things and really picture her life in ten years from now. I couldn’t bring myself to say any of that. She was my best friend, and she was in love with a complete tosser. Even the sound of his name made my skin crawl. He treated her like crap and there was no way I could stand by her while she signed her life away. I would however be there whenever she needed me. This was a tricky situation. My best friend had just sat down and asked me to tell her what I thought about her boyfriend and her buying a house together. I nearly choked on my food, and had managed to avoid answering her question while she explained her plans to me. She went on to say that they had an appointment at Mortgage Brokers Sunshine Coast on Friday, and that they were going in to talk about their options together. I kept listening, I knew there was more to the story. When she went on I couldn’t help but think he’d pushed her into it. I could hear the hesitation in her voice, the uncertainty, so I came up with another suggestion. I was so glad my friend took my advice. She had gone to the Finance Brokers Sunshine Coast appointment on her own, and spoke to the lady about her own options when it came to buying a house. By the end of the appointment, my friend had signed the Home Loans Sunshine Coast documents and walked out smiling. That way, the house was hers, her boyfriend could pay rent and he would never be able to take everything she has when things go wrong.