limo ride to the formal

Extravagance was not in their nature, but as it was their last year of high school they had decided to take a limo to their year 12 formal. They had called virtually all the limousines Melbourne companies and, despite the eager protests of their girlfriends had decided against the ‘big pink one’ in favour of a sleek black Humvee. Finding the best Limo hire Melbourne had been quite time consuming, but as all research was completed during school hours, it was quite enjoyable for the students, making class time go much faster for the students. It was during their limo research that they had decided to find some second hand wedding dresses and make a wedding limo hire for the event. The day of the formal arrived and the eighteen year old male brides were picked up the stretch limo hire Melbourne who directed the chauffeur to pick up their dates. Amused at the costumes, the chauffeur agreed to play along with the joke, going so far as to offer stopping for bouquets along the way. The girls, giddy with excitement were disgusted to discover that their crossdressing partners had every intention of attending their formal in their second hand wedding dresses. To add insult to injury, they were then informed that they were not infact going to their formal, but that this particular limousine was strictly for airport transfers Melbourne. The chauffeur, a good humoured old chap readily volunteered to confirm their final destination, opened the doors of the stretch limo and signalled that the distraught girls should enter. However, he could not maintain a lie for very long without beginning to laugh. Satisfied that they would get to the formal, and that they would be seen exiting a stretch limousine, the wedding dresses were forgiven and the driver received a fine tip from the young lads for being such a ‘top bloke’.