Launch security

My aunty was an artist who was rapidly gaining a reputation in the art world. She had sold many sculptures and paintings and had decided to open her own gallery. She was very excited and asked me if I’d like to help plan the launch. She wanted it to be a big event, with catering and security. She wanted a lot of publicity and to spread her name through the local area. She didn’t just want other artists to know who she was, she wanted everyone to know who she was! I asked her what she would like me to organise and the first thing she said was security. I asked her why she needed security for an art gallery and she told me that her work was very valuable. Stealing art is an easy way to make a massive profit and happens a lot more than anyone ever hears about. She emphasised the importance of having a professional security team at her launch. I jumped on the phone to a Security Company Perth and asked them about their services. I told the man on the phone about the event my aunty was holding and if they had experience with that sought of thing. They told me they did a lot of Event Security Perth and named a few. Some of the events were massive and some just small local events. It seemed like they had the experience to handle any type of situation and had a very professional attitude. I arranged to have a team of three Security Guards Perth present at my aunt’s launch. I spoke with my aunty and told her what I had organised. She was very happy with me and gave me some more things to take care of for the launch. She was so impressed she offered me a job at her new gallery!