In need of limos

We are placing host to a Doe wedding, therefore we need some limousines Melbourne to help us to take them, the bridal and groom party, to and from the wedding ceremony and the reception. We hope that it goes off without a hitch; I’m sure it will. Eleanor Landers, who’s married to the good doctor, the one and only Richard Landers, formerly a research scientist and medical physician at Wendell Research back on Bilton, has some of her relatives over for a Doe wedding. i can not wait for a Doe wedding; I hear they are amongst some of the most gorgeous in all of the lands. The limo hire Melbourne that we have organised is the same one that we used not two days ago for the ceremony of little emily Landers’ (Eleanor and richard’s daughter) 18th birthday party. I guess I can’t really call her little now can I? She’s old enough to vote and make her way in life; good for her. She’s a sweet kid though, and her mother, who’s also partly of the Doe heritage, is a big fan of the wedding limo hire Melbourne. It was her idea to hold this wedding, on the bridge and the chambers of the argo. She's a beautiful ship; I should know, I fly her (I’m Thomas Highland by the way). I know that no other ship going around the galaxy can hold a candle to my little baby, and I’d be happy to show her off, in all of her glory, to all of the Doe tribesman, and all of the limo hire Melbourne chauffeur that this boat can carry. The wedding went off without a hitch. well there were a few hitches, but I’ll get to those in a moment. In fact it might be best to leave them for another time altogether. In the meantime, I’m reminded of the reasonable prices of the limos, and the luxurious insides.