I will find my brother, and bond

I need to bond with my brother. That is why I am giving up my one life, and my lease on this house that I rent here. I will be moving to the Western Isles. I’m not sure where yet, I’ll figure it out soon. I need to find my brother so that I can apologise for how I’ve ben acting these past 15 years. It won’t be easy, but since I’ve been looking for him for the past 15 years, I’ve has plenty of practice. I’ll be getting rid of the place I’m in now then, so I’ll be able to get my bond back, and help pay for a light over to the Western Isles. I’ll need to call up bond cleaning Perth first, so that they can give me the all clear with my landlord, and he can get me the money. I really do need it, like I said, otherwise I would give you some change. I don’t know how that vacate cleaning Perth crew keeps everything so beautiful, and pristine, and like new again. It’s like they just put that beautiful fresh scented tree in the middle of every room. It’s really quite something. I honestly think that it looks and feels so amazing. I'm in their debt; not a money debt, since I paid them, but a debt of gratitude. I really want to make it up to them, so I will try my best to make a go of it with my brother. I will try not to fight, and I will try not to make fun of him. I guess we are like the best friends that don’t see each other that often. You still feel something, some sort of connection, but you won’t admit to ourselves that perhaps it has gone. I will try and contemplate it when the end of lease cleaning Perth crew do the sides of the house, and I watch.