I want to save this city from the drain monsters

I didn’t think that there would be such a thing as drain monsters, but apparently there are. The blocked drain Melbourne crew will be here shortly to help us out. I was completely in the dark about them until only a few short hours ago, when I found out that Knass has its own version of the yeti, and the boogey man, who tries to scare children into using good manner. This time it was to do with flushing or something, and this time... they were real. Small creatures, kind of like gremlins, called kairf. That’s the same plural and singular, like Pikachu. I don’t know why I know that, I’m 46 years old (also, the longest serving mayor, I’m pretty awesome). I wanted to tell the world of Knass, the Knassian people, that they will be safe if they just follow correct and cautious procedures. I don't know if I can honestly tell them that any more. I don’t know what these kairf are capable of, and to be honest I don’t think anyone does. That's half of the problem I have now. There are three biologists trapped under the city, in the sewers, and there are dozens, if not hundreds of kairf streaming into the city, taking over. The drain unblocking Melbourne crew are on their way, and I’ll be honest; they can not come fast enough. They need to deal with this thing. I don’t know if we can handle it on our own. Actually that’s not true, I definitely know that we can definitely not handle this on our our. The blocked drains Melbourne crew need to save our people; starting with the biologists. I think that if we could get them out, they can tell us how to deal with them. They’ve been down there, in he blocked sewers, for about three hours now.