I want to get the invite that I paid for

I did not really pay anything that I get online but this one thing I really want to pay for because I know that I really want to get the best version of it. I know that I will be able to hire out Gary so that he can do his best with the online DIY wedding invitations that we have here. He is our designer and I trust him with all of this stuff. I am only taking a really special interest right now because we rally this one to go well. We are hosting a wedding for one of our daughters, Erica and she is going to be marrying this really cool guy and the rest of the family does not really like this idea. They have a problem with the rest of her family, i.e. us and I do not like that. We are going to be better than that and we are going to rise above it. I am going to get Gary to design the most amazing engagement invitations that we have ever seen this side of the Elgin. Either side of the Elgin really, if we want to boast a little bit more. I have not seen all of the invites and to be honest I have hardly seen any of them, but I can rest knowing that I can at least try to produce something that will be remembered and admired for years to come. I am not too sure what is going to happen in this world, but I know that I will be really happy if the birthday invitations are about as good as these wedding ones. We are having a birthday the next weekend and I want that to go well, for all involved. The parents of Matt, the fiancé, are going to be there and I want that to go well.