I made the termite call

I found out that we had termites from when the first contact was made clear to me. As soon as I found out, I made a call into the termite control Melbourne head office on Iridian, as soon as we could make contact. First contact was made by little Josie, only 13 years old. She’s not your average 13 year old girl either. She doesn’t hate everyone, nor is she surly. She’s bright and smart. Funny as a cracker, and always willing to help. She needs to be strong for her little brother, Timothy. they both lost their parents at a young age, and she has had to grow up so fast since then. They also had a lot of things happen after that, that neither of them will talk about. The point is, they are very close to each other, and she has been something of a surrogate mother to Timothy, in some ways. It’s quite sweet, but also a lot of pressure to put on a little girl. She likes the bridge, and she’s great with the galaxy maps, so I let her be my co pilot and my navigator. She said that she wants to be a pilot one day herself, and I hope that she does. The termite inspections Melbourne crew of inspectors and exterminators were the best that I’ve ever seen. When Josie saw that we had termite,s she was a little scared of what might happen. She's a tough kid, but when she knows that Tim isn’t there, she can get scared of things quite easily. I told her that the termites weren’t here to hurt her, just to eat. they were just hungry, and they want to eat your desk .That might not have been the best thing to say to a scared girl, as she screamed at me, and ran away. I could leave the bridge though, we were getting ready to accept on board the team from termite treatment Melbourne. I’ll tell you the rest in the next post.