I know better than my father what type of kitchen we need to have

I want to have the best kitchen that we can ever have. I want to be the best kid that ever could be born, and then I want to be the best adult hat ever lived. I eventually want to be the best father that I can be, but that is still a long time away. I want to grow up first and I'm not in any rush to do anything that I’m not ready for. Soon I’ll be ready to get rid of the diapers and then I can got to the big-boy bathroom and from there, I’ll take on the world. If I can eventually conquer the toilet, I can conquer it all. I need to conquer the kitchen as well, which is really good, if I can pull it off. I have a lot of designs for the kitchen and I think that once I get mother to tell them all to the experts; to the kitchen renovations Sydney crew. They are the best at kitchen stuff, and I’m pretty sure that they are really awesome people. How can they not be? I’ve seen them, when I wake up from nap, I've seen them, working on the kitchen. I think that my design will be able to heighten out the kitchen and make it even better than it is now. I will call over the kitchens Sydney crew and they will be able to help us out by designing what I want them to design. That is, if they are able to understand and comprehend me, since I didn’t think that I would be able to speak baby, unlike mum who can speak baby fluently. I’ll talk to the kitchen cabinets Sydney crew and see if we can get mum to translate us, and what we say.