I don’t know what to do with this toolbox

I don’t know what to do with the aluminium toolboxes Melbourne has been so eager to find. I found them. I led the search party mysle,f and I was the individua to open it, for the first time in about three years, since it was stolen from the royal jewellery. I know that it was also my fault that it was gone, as I was sleeping on my post. For this, I will never forgive myself. I would have left in shame if I could, but I had a duty. My job was to guard that aluminium tool box, and so I sought it, to guard it. This was my duty, and it was what kept me a little sane while I was out in the wilderness for 1000 days. There was no way that the king didn’t like the aluminium accessories, nor the box itself. It’s perfect in every way, and the king has been mourning it for three years. I found his love, and now he turns away from me. He shuns me like a piece of meat. I mean that in the sense that the meat was shunned by him, rather than the piece of meat shunned, which would be very impressive for inanimate foodstuffs. The king will take me back, I’m sure of it. If he doesn’t then I will take this chest, this box, this hunk of metal I call the end of my existence, and go away with it. I will leave with it, and never come back. I will make a name for myself in another city, another kingdom. I will be a free and happy man, who has the love of warm aluminium toolboxes to keep me company. This will be the king’s last chance. I’m going in to ask what he wants me to do with it.