I can rely on IT

There was one less coffee than there should have been. I noticed right away when I picked up my latte in the kitchen. Every morning there supposed to be 8 cups of coffee for the 8 workers on this floor. Every morning without fail, catering delivered the 8 cups of coffee without fail. This morning there were 7, and somebody was going to miss out. Jerry sauntered into the office ten minutes late as usual, and noticed right away that there was no coffee waiting for him. “Who drank my coffee!?” Jerry said to nobody in particular. “There were only seven delivered today” I explained. “There are always eight coffees, somebody has taken two. I can’t believe somebody did this!” Jerry laminated. Jerry had always been a bit of a slacker, never showing up early, but always leaving early. Jerry was not going to let this go. “Jerry I will go get you a coffee ok?” I said with a smile. “No! That isn’t the point, the point is somebody took it, somebody disrespected me and I want to know who that person is” Jerry raged. This wasn’t getting us anywhere, I walked back to my desk and got ready for the guy from IT services Melbourne. He was set to arrive soon and help the team fix the problems we were having with the exchange server. I know Jerry was going to make things difficult today, at least IT solutions Melbourne were reliable and helpful. Jerry stormed around the office all morning, muttering to himself under his breath. By the time IT systems Melbourne had fixed the exchange server, Jerry had calmed down some.