Great service and comfort at the wedding dress store

I’d been having an extremely hard time finding a wedding dress. There was no hurry, we hadn’t set a date yet, but I the first thing I wanted to buy was my dress. It was hard for me to find a dress due to my size. I am a larger lady and it is very embarrassing standing on a podium being measured by a woman who weighs as much as my left arm. Judgment is everywhere, especially in retail. Being overweight makes it a lot harder to shop. I’d nearly given up on shopping for me and my bridal party when my sister told me to go to Plus Size Wedding Dresses Melbourne. I didn’t even know that shop existed, so I rounded up the girls and we headed out shopping. When we walked into Bridesmaids Dresses Melbourne, instead of the usual look up and down then ignore us, the shop assistant greeted us with open arms and a huge smile. She instantly made me feel comfortable and like a valued customer. We had a bit of a chat before the lady led my bridal party and I to the back of the store. There were dresses hanging everywhere, carefully crafted and full of devotion. I showed the woman from Flower Girl Dresses Melbourne what sort of look and style I wanted and headed for the change rooms. The shop assistant handed a pile of dresses over to me and I started trying them on. This was definitely the store to come to for great service. The woman really listened to me and made me feel comfortable with my decisions. She also made me feel great while I was wearing the dresses, which no one else had done. I decided to get all my dresses and accessories from that store. They were amazing.