Divorce turns to interior house painting

You never really consider just how hard divorce would be until you actually have to. I’d spent my entire life hoping to never use the word ‘divorcee’, but now I guess I’ll have to get used to it. Oh who cares, I didn’t know why I was feeling so down. Everyone experiences break-ups, just in adult life it’s a bit more nitty gritty than high school. Ever since the divorce was finalised last week, I can’t stop crying. Looking around my house, everything reminds me of him. I’d spent the last ten years of my life by his side, and now I was alone. Alone, trapped in a house filled with our memories and adventures. He had it easy, he got to sit in a hotel room, in a new environment without heartbreaking thoughts rushing through his head. What was I kidding, he would have been at the closest strip bar stuffing dollar bills down some girls g-string. I needed to stop being sad about this. He was a bad man. I deserved better. First thing in the morning I picked up the phone and called Painters Melbourne. If I was going to get him out of my life, I needed him out of my home and my head. The house needed to be completely repainted and redecorated. Anything that reminded me of him, I threw in the bin. I took all my furniture to a second hand shop. Once the guys from House Painters Melbourne had finished repainting, I’d buy new furniture and have a completely new home, exactly the way I want it. I scheduled in a time for the men at Exterior Painters Melbourne to come by and hung up the phone. A smile spread across my face and I felt slightly better already. I could feel that this was a good decision. This would help me get over that no-good-lying-ex-husband of mine.