Despise your bathroom? Just rip it out!

I didn’t know why, but I knew I hated the bathroom in my new unit. I’d just managed to purchase my first property, a small unit in a quiet block for me to settle down in for the next few years. I had wanted to buy a house, but decided a unit would be a good starting point. Eventually, I want to own a number of properties so I was very excited to be on my way. I loved everything about my new place, except for the bathroom. If it hadn’t of been for the real estate agent, who suggested having the bathroom redone, I wouldn’t have bought the unit. I fell in love with it the moment I walked through the front door, but I am very particular. If the bathroom and the kitchen is not perfect in a place, I won’t live there. I like style and elegance and if the place I’m living doesn’t have that, then I just won’t live there. I had been speaking to a few of the people at work, who had all gone through their renovation stages over the previous two years, about their renovations. A lot of them had gotten right in there, doing the renovations themselves. I was more the type of person to pay someone else to do the hard work, and I’d just enjoy the end result. One of the women at work told me to give Bathroom Renovations Sydney a call. I found their number when I got home, and gave the team at Bathrooms Sydney a call. I spoke to a woman on the phone for about half an hour, asking questions about their service and finding out exactly what they had to offer. The woman on the phone from Bathroom Accessories Sydney had loads of interesting ideas, and invited me into the store to have a look at their products.