The trees are getting too big

I think that we need to get rid of the trees that are clogging up the entrance and exit into the science wing. The other crew members are getting a bit annoyed about having to go through a forest, complete with its own small ecosystem, so that they can talk to me about something. I don’t normally get visitors either, so I don’t like that they are impeded in getting to me, and that getting to me is such a hassle. I think that it’s time we cut down the trees. I’ll call up, over the com, the tree lopping Brisbane crew, and see if they can’t help us out here. My name is William Dunbar, by the way. I will call them up and see if they can help us out of this jame. If they can, then we’ll be forever grateful to them for the work that they did, and we’ll recommend to all of our friends. The only way that we heard about them in the first place was through a recommendation from my colleague, out on the Argo, Jonathan Collier. Master of linguistics, I go to him when I have a bit of trouble with some alien script that needs translating. He also said that the best way to get rid of the trees, and this is what he did in a similar circumstance, is to call up the tree felling Brisbane company. Once we called them up, they were here the very next day. They flew all the way from Cherves, to get here. I have to admire that kind of tenacity and that kind of dedication to one's job and ones craft. It’s the kind of thing that I really do admire. No matter how this turns out, and I think it will turn out very well, I want to hire them again and again. I could use strong, dedicated individuals like the team at tree removal Brisbane.

We are going to leave the trees

I wish that we could have an adventure of the simpler variety. An adventure where we didn’t have to deal with pirates, trees that attacked whole cities, bus, or anything like that. I hope that we can all vote to make our next adventure one of finding the best tea house in the core, or seeing the gardens of Regina. That would be a nice surprise, in my opinion. This adventure was one of the former, in fact the one about the trees. We were on our way to a new job, on Regina, and we were ahead of schedule. We thought that we could make a little pit stop on Gerome, seeing as everyone hadn’t been on world for more than a month. We thought it was a good idea, and so we did. ONce we got there though, it was certainly less than peaceful. we found out that a radiation leak had caused some of the local trees, from the woods, to become vampiric. I hear that’s an actual thing. as if the universe didn’t have enough ways to damage you; it could also make trees vampiric. this was just the kind of adventure that I don’t like, but what could we do. Their communications were shut off, and supplies were low. We radioed for help; from the tree removal Brisbane crew came a response. They would be there the next day, and at very reasonable quotes. I was so glad that backup was imminent, and I could focus on my job; the healing of my patients. For someone who doesn’t like adventure, I sure picked the wrong profession. The tree lopping Brisbane crew came the next morning, as they said they would, and we were on our way about three hours later. They were brilliant in chopping down those terrible trees. I’m so glad that people like that exist, and can help people like us, and the citizens of Gerome. Thank you so much, tree felling Brisbane.