The termites are numbered, a are their days

I will be getting the best termite treatment Melbourne has to offer, when I go to the experts. I will be seeing them on the morrow, when they come over to see and assess the damage that was done to the house and what can be done, and what should be done, to save it. It will take a ton of work, since termites have done grade 4 damage to at least 45% of the house. It will be tricky to salvage, and we must not rule out the possibility that we may have to total the house and foreclose on it. I hope that I used the right tem. It basically means, in this case, that I would clear this building all the way down, and start fresh with a new house. I’m not going to do that unless the termite control Melbourne company says that the house is beyond repair and is no longer savable. Then, I will give in and let the land take the house, back, back from whence it came. It won’t take much, since it’s really just the skeleton that is left of this house. I kid of course, it’s nowhere near that bad. I hear that the house down the street got it all to worse than we did, so at least that’s something. At least we aren’t the worst house on the street. I‘ll bet even if we didn’t have the hose on this land, we’d still have a better house than the Gordon’s. I never liked them, and I’m pretty sure that they don’t like us. I’m also pretty sure that if they were to like us, we would like them less. That's just how petty and childish we are. We are still human though, which is more than I can say about the termites that the termite inspections Melbourne crew will get rid of.

The termites are getting pretty bad

I know that the termites are getting pretty bad. I also know that the termite control Melbourne crew of exterminators will be here in the morning. We just need to hold out until the cavalry gets here. We’ll be getting air support within 13 hours, so hold tight until then. I’m getting some flashbacks to the navy, and it’s not too pleasant. I never really liked it there, so I was glad that we could go in a civilian ship for four years, and now into a house. The only bad part about this house is not actually part of the house. It’s actually tiny bugs that are inside the house. They eat away at the timber and wood inside the walls and the floor, until it’s rotted from the inside out. I mean, you know what termites are, you know what their MO is. The termite inspections Melbourne team will be here in T minus 8 hours. I mean, who would have thought, out of all the things that this house could have, that we would have the only house in the street with termites. I don’t know if it’s like a disease that can spread from house to house. I don’t know the science behind the termites, so I don’t know how they travel, interhome, but I do know that they travel very quickly intrahome. I think I have that the right way around. I don’t know how they travel between homes, but I know they travel fast inside a home. Yes, score! Well, not exactly score, but I did want to say that we have T minus 4 hours until the cavalry gets here. The termite treatments Melbourne is the cavalry in case I couldn't get that point across in the other 87 times I mentioned the two of them. I don’t want to talk down to you though, my loyal and intelligent reader.

We found our crew, and the termites

We found the remainder of the crew, and the only way to get them out safely, ironically, was to do a very unsafe thing. We did a semi landing on the pool and balcony of the hotel where the pool area was, and called out to them over the megaphone. They came on board and they found out what we know from doing the scans of the city. We are in the middle of a war. We are in the middle of a war between the humans of the core and the entire termite army. The termite control Melbourne team can not get here fast enough. I hope that they get here soon, and judging by where they’ll be coming from, we can expect them here in about an hour and a half .I have a funny feeling that there might not be much of a core capital by the time that they get there. I hope that the termite inspections Melbourne team are able to hold them, and to mitigate some of the damage that they have done. I mean, look at this place; it's a massacre in the capital. the land of light, and the beacon of civilisation is being overrun by gigantic creepy crawlies. The termite treatment Melbourne crew are the best at what they do, but this might be too much for them to handle. they are so professional and they know when to fight and when to run. Once the situation is in their hands, it can be out of ours, and they can take over on the extermination process. They took over that process and the strategic tactics that they had in place meant that they were able to hold off of the onslaught of termites, and able to push them back, with a huge termite wall, capable of stopping them in their tracks. Much like herding cattle, from the bird's eye view that we got from the air, it’s all a matter of cornering them into an inescapable area.

I made the termite call

I found out that we had termites from when the first contact was made clear to me. As soon as I found out, I made a call into the termite control Melbourne head office on Iridian, as soon as we could make contact. First contact was made by little Josie, only 13 years old. She’s not your average 13 year old girl either. She doesn’t hate everyone, nor is she surly. She’s bright and smart. Funny as a cracker, and always willing to help. She needs to be strong for her little brother, Timothy. they both lost their parents at a young age, and she has had to grow up so fast since then. They also had a lot of things happen after that, that neither of them will talk about. The point is, they are very close to each other, and she has been something of a surrogate mother to Timothy, in some ways. It’s quite sweet, but also a lot of pressure to put on a little girl. She likes the bridge, and she’s great with the galaxy maps, so I let her be my co pilot and my navigator. She said that she wants to be a pilot one day herself, and I hope that she does. The termite inspections Melbourne crew of inspectors and exterminators were the best that I’ve ever seen. When Josie saw that we had termite,s she was a little scared of what might happen. She's a tough kid, but when she knows that Tim isn’t there, she can get scared of things quite easily. I told her that the termites weren’t here to hurt her, just to eat. they were just hungry, and they want to eat your desk .That might not have been the best thing to say to a scared girl, as she screamed at me, and ran away. I could leave the bridge though, we were getting ready to accept on board the team from termite treatment Melbourne. I’ll tell you the rest in the next post.