New security developments all around

We found Victor, and he was sitting by the statute of Falstorre. We found him weeping, and quietly singing to himself. Something had happened to him in Westorn .Whether it be this time around, or 4 years ago, when he left, but something happened to him. He wouldn’t say anything but Madeline, Madeline. He was asking for Madeline. When Josie came up to him, to comfort him, he burst out crying again. I want to take him back to my quarters to take a look at him. He’s definitely experienced some form of shock, during his time at Westorn. When he was here before, he was working as one of the security guards Perth that Westorn is renowned for. He was a good guard, and did his job admirably. Something happened that changed him though, and he’s not talking to me. He might speak to Josie, but I can’t ask that of her. she’s been through too cuih lately, we all have. it’s just one drama after another. As part of security services Perth, Victor would have seen a part of Westorn that none of us had seen before. He was a different man then as well, perhaps more sensitive to the things around him. This was a long time ago, to be sure. I’ve seen some of the toughest protectors that pass through the event security Perth, and Victor was part of the best of the best. He’s the toughest man I know, and the only thing that would make a man like that breakdown, is family. I know it myself. I’ve seen that look before; the one a father has. If Victor doesn’t want to talk, he doesn’t have to. I can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want. i’d be struggling to find anyone who could; except Josie. The other development is the fact that Zacharia looks an awful lot like a 200 hundred year old figure from Aerros history. It’s all drama here on the Argo.