Survival preparations until the window replacement

No one in the house slept much last night. After my accidental smashing of the lounge room window, the black plastic tarpaulin we had covering the window wasn’t secure enough for any of our likings. When the sun started rising, I heard noises in the kitchen. The ‘chinks’ of the bowls and the opening and closing of the fridge, someone was making breakfast. I slowly made my way downstairs, the cool air coming through the open window waking me up and freshening my body. My brothers head poked up from behind the fridge door. He offered me breakfast. His hair was messy and he had a milk mustache. I walked over to the broken window and asked Tim if he knew when the men from Sash window replacement Melbourne were coming. He didn’t know, but I heard Mum’s voice and knew I’d find out soon enough. Mum and Dad were still talking about the window replacement. They were talking about different materials and styles over steaming bowls of porridge and hot cups of tea. I sat patiently, waiting for a chance to butt into their conversation. I’d nearly finished my breakfast by the time Dad announced the men from Window repairs Melbourne would be coming the following afternoon, so we had to brace ourselves for another restless night. The next few hours of my morning consisted of boarding up the lounge room window as best as possible. If we had another night to survive through until the men from Timber window repairs Melbourne come around, I wanted it to be safe. I had nailed as many boards of wood to the window frame to block out the weather, and the burglars. I needed to get some sleep tonight.

Window replacement results in a long hard look at myself

Using a hand saw to cut vertically through the middle of the window wasn’t a great idea, admittedly, but I was under the influence, so it seems unfair to judge me. For some reason over the weekend I decided it would be smart to hack apart the window frame in my lounge room. I couldn’t remember my reasoning, but I remember there was a reason. I hadn’t just lost my marbles and started sawing the house down. Luckily for me, I owned the place. I had scheduled for someone from Window replacement Melbourne to come out today and take some measurements to replace the window. With it as it was, I couldn’t close it at all. I may as well of publicly welcomed all burglars to my house. I don’t know why, but I was surprised to see a woman standing in the Timber window replacement Melbourne work uniform. I guess I had just expected it to be a man. I showed the woman through my house and to the lounge room window. She asked me what had happened and I quickly thought up an excuse. I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself, so I told her I was away for the weekend and left my brother in charge of the house. She shook her head and giggled. I saw her trying to imagine why someone would do this to a window frame. Once the woman from Sash window repairs Melbourne had left, I sat in the chair thinking about why I assumed she would be a man. I never thought of myself as a sexist person, and I guess it was partly due to gender biases in workplaces and throughout life. I remembered being in school, learning that men were doctors and women were nurses. I felt a little better after realising it wasn’t entirely my fault. I hoped she would come back to install the window.