The IT services were fantastic

We run a great, small, tight and well oiled ship. We have great computer on board, thanks to the IT services Melbourne crew. We don’t know much about much else, but we know everything there is to know about ships, and data transfers from ship to ship. We’ve been working in this game for a long time now, and we’ve been on this ship for about two years. The ship is called the Herring. It’s our official name, but only at Hubs, since we never like our presence to be noticed by that many people. We are dressed as a Letter ship, which gets us past many of the most secure network passageways and information Hubs. It comes in very handy. The Herring is a play on a red herring, which was a distraction or diversion which wasn’t the real suspect. It’s a play because we are fugitives and criminals, dressed as civilians. There are four of us on the Herring; Henry Drummond, the IT systems Melbourne engineer, who handles all of the computer programs, and functions, which itself handles all of our information; Hal Supine, the pilot, who we picked up after he dropped out of SSAEFS; Enzio Montoya, the ship’s engineer and certified mad genius; and myself, James Perdu Herriot, the ship’s captain. We are a rag tag bunch, that much is certain, but we get the job done, when no one else can. Well it turns out that the only jobs we dso are the ones that we want to do. We are criminals, lets face it, and we deal in information. We steal and we cheat and we lie our way to the top, and then we sell it all to the highest bidder. All of this would not be possible without any one of these men, and especially the ship, and the IT solutions Melbourne crew, for helping us out all those times.

I can rely on IT

There was one less coffee than there should have been. I noticed right away when I picked up my latte in the kitchen. Every morning there supposed to be 8 cups of coffee for the 8 workers on this floor. Every morning without fail, catering delivered the 8 cups of coffee without fail. This morning there were 7, and somebody was going to miss out. Jerry sauntered into the office ten minutes late as usual, and noticed right away that there was no coffee waiting for him. “Who drank my coffee!?” Jerry said to nobody in particular. “There were only seven delivered today” I explained. “There are always eight coffees, somebody has taken two. I can’t believe somebody did this!” Jerry laminated. Jerry had always been a bit of a slacker, never showing up early, but always leaving early. Jerry was not going to let this go. “Jerry I will go get you a coffee ok?” I said with a smile. “No! That isn’t the point, the point is somebody took it, somebody disrespected me and I want to know who that person is” Jerry raged. This wasn’t getting us anywhere, I walked back to my desk and got ready for the guy from IT services Melbourne. He was set to arrive soon and help the team fix the problems we were having with the exchange server. I know Jerry was going to make things difficult today, at least IT solutions Melbourne were reliable and helpful. Jerry stormed around the office all morning, muttering to himself under his breath. By the time IT systems Melbourne had fixed the exchange server, Jerry had calmed down some.

We are coming up to our IT upgrade

We are not running the most effectively and most efficiently that we could be. We need to upgrade the system that our networks are using by contacting the IT services Melbourne and seeing about an IT audit. We go and check up our whole ship, the E-Class Explorer the Argo, every year, since she’s a delicate machine. We also need to do the same for the IT system and infrastructure that we are using, or else we are just asking for trouble. as the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We need to do an upgrade and we only have 5 days left to organise it. ONce that new year kicks around, it will be so hard to get an appointment, since everyone else will be scrambling to do that same, for their out of date starships. The best way to be the best is to plan to be the best. We are on our way to IT solutions Melbourne to see about what kind of system we could use, or what kind of server we need to upgrade to. The boys and girls at IT services recommended the best of the best. I said that it was the exact thing we’d been looking for, how did they know? They said that they did an IT audit of our entire system, and found some areas of weakness and areas where the system network could use improving. It was the areas that I myself had figured out, and therefore this new system would cover. It was like Kismet, great minds thinking alike. The ship is fantastic. like every new upgrade to the TARDIS, the new computing and IT systems Melbourne has meant a design layout for most of the control areas and the server room. Now the Argo has a much more blue/green feel to it than before. Not that that was hard; before it had absolutely no blue or green. For that matter it had no other colour apart from brown, which was mostly rust, to be honest. I love the new ship now, and I love how efficiently she runs.

Our old system just crashed

We need some help with our system and I know just who to call. I’ll call up the men and women, the very best IT technicians from IT services Melbourne. They are the best at what they do, and what they do is very nice, to businesses. They help them to check on their current IT situation, as well as to assess whether it needs upgrading or not. Through a series of audits and reports, they decide on the current state of our infrastructure, and where we can see improvement.s The key to their work is being proactive about IT. They are all about fixing problems before they happen, so that you save you business and yourself, time and money, on costly damage control and expensive restarts. I wish I had taken their advice and seen them before we had our crash. It was the single biggest crash that our servers have ever had, and I don’t know how long we were out for. It was a couple of days, that’s for sure,. As soon as we called IT solutions Melbourne, they came out, the very next day and started work on fixing, repairing, and replacing our IT network. I had hoped that it wouldn’t come to this, but it was really my own fault. I’m just glad that I has a number of industry professionals at my back to help me through this difficult transition time. The technicians at IT support Melbourne were really good about it. I was secretly worried that there would be some resentment, as I didn’t go to them earlier. they have been through this kind of thing too many times to hold a grudge though. They know that sometimes the best way to learn something, is to make the mistake of not doing it. I definitely learnt a big lesson that day, and I hope that they will keep on teaching me, everyday.

We have new IT system

We’ve recently upgraded our network system thanks to the good technicians of IT support Melbourne. they were instrumental,w well more than that, they did it all. They were marvellous, and Father, you should have seen them work. I know that you, Riley and Marcus had to go and get mechanical parts, but it was quite a sight to see. We dismissed everyone else to bed, as Jess and I watched the team from managed IT services Melbourne were able to install a new system for the network, with a whopping 99% uptime. I think it may have actually been more than that, I’m not too sure. I think that Thomas might have gotten a kick out of seeing the IT services Melbourne crew do their thing. He had just gotten off flying through the night, trying to make up for lost time, when he was out of commission. He likes maths and things, but he was also a high school teacher. He knows more about Shakespeare and Of Mice and Men than anyone else I know. He’s also a dweeb. All three of us are dweebs though, let’s face it. The new system, which will be installed onto the network for the rgo in about three hours, will be a major upgrade, according the Jess. It will be streamlined, and allow for much easier access for everyone, not just Jess. It almost seems like she’s putting herself out of a job with this upgrade, but no doubt we’ll still need someone to run it. The IT systems Melbourne crew also talked about ships in general, both airships and sea ships. Due to the harsh terrain, cars were never really an option for the people of Aerros. We were nomadic, as well as sectioned off into our states nations. We went from there, into the ships that went on either side of Aerros, as well as up and down the Water Wall. From there, the ships just upgraded to the flying airships we see today. The new system also has an inbuilt encyclopaedia of Aerros, hence the history lessons. The size of Africa on the Old Earth, each of  the 10 nations could be considered a continent unto themselves. They have distinct enough borders, as well as cultures, languages, food, climate all their own.