My faith is now in the pool fencing

I have been shattered. I have been totally and utterly broken for the inside out and I’m pretty sure that I can't quite remember what happiness feels like. I get glimpses, when I see Jason and Charlotte, and I tell them that the tooth fairy will be coming, and the pool fencing fairy will also be coming and we will be getting gifts from both of them very soon, but that's it. I don’t really have any faith anymore and I’m pretty sure that no one else around me does any more after what happened to Emily, my dear late wife. I will call up the pool fencing Melbourne crew right now, because I need to call them up soon, and I want to get my mind of the Emily that pervades all of my thoughts. She is what I will be thinking of when I see the perfectly created and erected frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne has to offer, because I know that she loved that sort of thing. I know that she loved pools and it’s because she was gone that I was reticent to actually go and call them up again. It would just being up so many bad memories, but I feel like I have to. The kids deserve to go in the pool and the aluminium pool fencing Melbourne crew will be able to make that happen, so who am I to stand in their way? I want them to be happy, all of them. I want Kaidee, the British au pair, who has been something of a surrogate daughter to me, is part of the family now. I want her to be happy with the way that my house is turning out, because it's hers as well now. She should help us with the pool and the look of the fencing around it.