Graffiti calls for exterior painters

Really there is only so much you can take. It takes me half an hour to get home from work, and in that time someone has decided to spray paint my house. I went for a quick drive to drop something off at work, considering it’s my day off I only took what I needed with me. Driving back from work I could see something looked different, there was something on the side of my house. As I got closer to my house I realised that one of the local youth had sprayed his tag on the side of my lovely little house. I was furious. I wanted to hunt down the so called artist and make him scrub every last speck of paint off my wall with a toothbrush. I knew there was no point in me trying to scrub it off so I phoned Exterior House Painting Melbourne in the hope they would be able to repaint the wall. I spoke with a woman on the phone who booked in for House Painting Melbourne to do the job. They were able to schedule me in for two days time, which was great. The less time that filth is on my house the better. It really made my house look like I was housing criminals, which is not a good look. I decided to do some detective work and took a photo of the tag. I sent the photo to my younger brother, who was still in school and may know some of the local troublemakers. The next day I had a message on my phone from my brother. All it contained was a name. The accused's name. I jumped straight on Facebook and searched for the spray painter. Sure enough, his profile picture was a picture of his tag, which was exactly the same as the one plastered on my house. House Painters Melbourne would be here tomorrow to take care of the house. Now, to take the culprit down.