Surprise technician arrives in search of heater

To my surprise, the man in the dark blue work shirt and pants was actually standing at the right door. I had opened the door, expecting a surprise visit from my parents and was shocked to find a tall figure standing strong in my doorway holding a toolbox. I’d immediately dismissed him as a mistake but was cut off by him announcing he was from Heating Canberra. I stood silently in shock. The man continued to explain to me that he was a technician working for Ducted Heating Canberra and this apartment was the next job on his list. I asked for the name of the person he was due to see and in fact the man said my name. I was confused and wasn’t sure whether to let him in or not. My heater was broken, and I was just about to arrange the repairs today. How had this happened? Then I realised. I smiled at the man and apologised for being distant. I welcomed the technician from Central Ducted Heating Canberra into my home and showed him to the heater. Once the technician had started work, I picked up my phone and ran out the front, dialing my parents’ phone number. I was trying to get my frustrations across to my mother without yelling. I knew that she had taken control of the situation again. She was known to do it. Anything that needed doing, whether it involved my mother or not, she had to butt in and take over. I was sick of it. It was kind of her to do this, but she should of at least told me about the appointment! Maybe that would've saved me the embarrassment of answering the front door in my oversized footy shirt, which had become my pyjamas.