The new carports are the best thing in the Argo

I must say that, as an engineer, as a woman, and as a crew member of the Argo, I can only hope that my children, that I don’t have just yet, will look half as beautiful as the carports Melbourne that we have installed right now. What beauty in such solid form. It’s amazing to see them in the light of the blue sun around Walstrom. It’s amazing to see them in the light of the yellow sun around Westorn, or the red sun of Cherves., It’s beauty knows no bounds, and I love them more than life itself. That’s just my opinion though, you might not like them though. I can't imagine why though these carports are the best thing to happen to the argo since we found her, and there have been a lot of things that have happened. I mean, we got hit by space pirates, we saw the great Hub near Montier, we found termites in the chambers, and we got attacked by birds, as well as trees. We met people in Harfnal, and in Goden. We saw the sights of the galaxy,and we lived to tell about it. Still, all I can do right now is stop and stare at the small little verandahs Melbourne that we have for the jeeps, the minders and the mammoth. We decided to get them when we got the vehicles themselves. it was in need, and due for a long time coming. We needed a new fleet for months now, and the captain said that we finally had enough in the kitty to get it. I was so excited that I talked to Josie and Thomas right away, about setting a course for Lower Cty, in Rohedra. That was where we’d find the best deal; it was where we got the Argo. The decking Melbourne people made sure that we also had ourselves covered for the carport, when we needed to call about it.

new house, new deck

The house we bought is a little worse for ware. We bought this great house sight unseen from an auction. We placed the bid on the phones because I was unable to be there in person. Some people would say buying a house without seeing it would be crazy, and in most cases you would be right. I had not intended to buy the house, I had been on the phone because the auction seemed low key and the starting price was fantastic. Turns out I made an opening bid that was very low and nobody else made an offer. They said the house was sold to me and I was pretty happy about it. I bought the place for at least a hundred thousand dollars less that it’s worth. Even the land alone is worth more than I payed for it. Now looking at this house I’m really impressed with what I purchased. I know it needs a lot of work but I’m still happy with the old house. I’m getting decking Melbourne to put in a deck around the house, the one that is currently there is falling apart. I’m going to need to pull down the old pergolas unfortunately. It has an old world charm but is on it’s last legs and looks like it could fall down at any time. There is no two ways about it, I’m going to need pergolas Melbourne to put in something new and sleek. I’ll have someone come in and pull the other one down for me. My wife hit the roof when she found out I bought a house without consulting her. She was furious when she found out that I hadn’t even seen the house. I told her that the verandah had been done by verandahs Melbourne and she seems to be impressed. I know she’s still mad about things but maybe getting carports Melbourne to put in a new place for new car might make her happy. I know she’ll come around eventually.