Search for the incredible tow truck driver

I picked up the phone and dialed the number for Car Transport Adelaide. I wanted to find the driver who helped me with my car the other morning. I had been late for work on one of the most important days of my working career. It was the morning of our major presentation and a lot was riding on me. Out of our group, I was the one who had all the materials and visual presentation, I was also the one to be doing the speaking during the meeting, so I needed to be there early if anything. I’d been rushing around at home and had driven like a rally driver to get to work on time. Somehow I lost control of my little car and slammed right into a pole. It just so happened that a truck from Tow Truck Service Adelaide was a few cars behind me and the driver pulled over to help me. Because I was so incredibly late, and in the midst of a mental breakdown, the tow truck driver told me to grab my stuff and jump in a taxi and that he would take care of my car. I trusted him and left my details with him. To my surprise, I managed to get to work on time and give my presentation. It went incredibly well and the boss accepted my proposal. My year of dedication and hard work had finally paid off. Everything had gone according to plan and I felt it was all due to the lovely and kind hearted driver from Car Transport Adelaide. I wanted to find the driver and give him a gift, or something to show him how much I appreciated him help and kindness. He managed to get my car to my requested mechanic and it was fixed by the end of the week. The good deeds of the tow truck driver could not go unnoticed.