The limos are going to be gone soon enough

I know that nothing lasts forever and I want to make something that will last a close to forever as we can get it. I like to leave things for the next generation and I want the world to know that I was here and that I did things that were important in the blink of an eye that I called a lifetime. That is what I want from my life, and that's the most that anyone can ask for, in my opinion. To leave a legacy and to leave something that others will want to see, to strive for, to try and reach towards. I hope that I can do something close to the level that the limousines Melbourne crew did and still do on a regular basis. I was there about 30 years ago, when they first started up and my father used to use their services. He was still just a young man himself when he had my brother and me, with our mother being the one who actually had us, just to be clear. I was just born on the day that the stretch limo hire Melbourne company started working, in the past, and I will never forget, growing up, my father telling stories that relate to that basic point, about how I and the wedding limo hire Melbourne company are connected, and that we will leave lasting legacies on this earth. If I ever have any kids, then I will make sure that they hear about the limousines, and so the legacy is still staying on, even if it is only with a select few. It will be the best thing that we can do, and it will be the best thing that I can strive for. Wish me luck, and wish the limo people luck as well for they are the real drivers, and the real captains of industry.