If I don’t call vacate cleaning I won’t have to move out

My mum has just gotten a new job in Melbourne which means that at the end of term, we will be leaving sunny Queensland and driving down to Melbourne. Personally, I would much rather fly down, but mum is determined to use the time for me to practice my driving. I think it is grossly unfair of her to expect me to move to the other side of the nation in the middle of high school. I do not want to leave all my friends behind and I really like the school I am currently at. I was complaining about this to my friend after school one day when mum called to ask me to book vacate cleaning Brisbane to come to our house the day after we leave. When my friend heard this, he took my phone from my hand and told me that as he had stolen my telecommunication device, I would be unable to call move out cleaning Brisbane and therefore, I was required to maintain the home in Brisbane when my mum went to Melbourne. I liked his reasoning a lot, but I knew that my mother would not and that she was under a lot of stress so after joking about not needing to leave the house for a few minutes, I took the phone back and made the call my mother requested of me. In just a few short minutes, the cleaners were booked, and I felt even more upset than when I had first been told that we would be moving. When my friend had left and my mother came home, she could tell that I was upset, but did not understand that the cause was my call to end of lease cleaning Brisbane.