Kitchen renovations, put off long enough

I bought my house about ten years ago with big plans to renovate and fix it up. I think, back then, some extensions may have even been talked about. To this day, I have still not repaired, renovated or replaced anything in the house. It is still in exactly the same state as the day I bought it, only probably a little worse off after an extra ten years of occupation. I loved the house but became insanely depressed when I realised I hadn’t done anything I’d planned in ten years. I felt myself slowly slip into sadness as I thought about my complete lack of motivation or enthusiasm. I was always coming up with great plans and ideas, but never doing anything about them. I didn’t want to be that type of a person. I wanted to actually do the things I talked about. I stood up in that moment and promised myself that from here on out - I was going to be a doer. I wanted to get my inspiration back, to find my passion for creating that I’d somehow lost over the years. I went down to the main street in search of inspiration and came across Sydney Kitchen Renovations. I couldn’t believe it. The store was incredible. The main part of the house that I wanted renovated as the kitchen, and this place seemed to have everything. I was approached by a woman from Benchtops Sydney, who offered me some assistance. I told the woman that I’d never been into Sydney Kitchens before, and then told her why I was there. The woman listened to everything I said, before whisking me away to show me a few of the kitchen displays.