Trouble choosing invitations, help from the invitations company

I had grown up on the beach and always known I was going to be married on a beach. I loved everything about the ocean, the sand, the sea life, the animals, the environment, the feeling, the waves. Anything you could think of, I absolutely loved. I spent at least two hours of every day at the beach, becoming one with nature. I found it so refreshing. When my boyfriend had finally got the nerve up to propose to me, I told him there was one condition - that we be married on the beach. I wasn’t serious, although I sort of was. My fiance had agreed to my terms and conditions and we had just started planning the wedding. We had been looking at Wedding Invitations together and were finding it hard to find a style we both liked. We had gotten into a few arguments over the past few days and it had all been over the invitations. I didn’t like what was happening to us; the amount we were fighting, so I found help. The invitation company that I found had some beautiful Beach Themed Wedding Invitations, which I thought matched the rest of our arrangements perfectly. I didn’t want to leave the invitations place with only one option, so I kept looking. I wanted to take the samples home and show my partner. I thought for some reason, doing it this way would take away all of the stress, and I was right. I came across some Gold Wedding Invitations which I thought my fiance might like. He wanted to have a gold Hummer take him to the wedding, so it would have matched that. I took the samples from the invitations store and drove home. I hoped my fiance would like these invitations and we would be able to move on with the wedding plans.