Carpets cleaned to welcome guests

I had decided I wanted a companion in my life, someone to stick by me and keep me company. I did not want a person, I just wanted a pet. I wanted to get a cat so I went to the local pet shelter and bought a kitten. I was very excited to have her at home and completely forgot about all the annoying things that come with getting a new young pet. As soon as I put her down on the carpet she started to urinate so I immediately picked her up and ran her over to the tiles. There was a trail of cat pee through the lounge and I wondered why I didn’t think of this before. My entire house is carpeted. The only places with tiles are the bathroom and the kitchen. I decided she would have to live in the bathroom while I toilet trained her. Over the next week the toilet training went well, there were accidents here and there but nothing major. When I got a phone call from one of my girlfriends saying she would be dropping by on the weekend I decided I needed to get someone in to clean the carpets. I called Tile and Grout Cleaners Adelaide and asked them when their next available appointment was. I also asked them if they did anything special to combat the smell of animal urine used a special solution to lift the urine out of the carpet and neutralize the smell. I was very pleased to hear that and arranged for Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide to come in before the weekend. The Carpet Cleaner Adelaide got rid of each individual stain and the smell of cat urine no longer existed in my home. It felt lovely knowing the carpet was clean enough for me to roll around on. I just had to clean the bathroom and then the place would be more than ready to accommodate for guests.