Captivated by the woman at the building inspection company

When I walked into House Inspections Melbourne in search of a building inspection, a breathtaking, blonde, bombshell was the last thing I expected to see. As I walked slowly towards the front counter, that hid her frame, exposing only her shoulders and head, I realised just how beautiful this woman was. I couldn’t move my eyes from hers as I made my way up to the bench. I introduced myself to the woman, stuttering a few times due to intimidation. She was so professional and so confident. She knew exactly what her job was and exactly how to do it, well that was the impression I had gotten anyway. I wanted to talk to her about herself, not stand there arranging for an inspector to look through the house I wanted to buy. I had forgotten all about the house, which had occupied my every thought since I’d first seen it three weeks ago. I didn’t want to talk about times and appointments, unless we were arranging a date. I couldn’t bring myself to talk about anything else, infact I could barely speak. The woman from Pre Purchase House Inspections Melbourne booked me an appointment with a building inspector and took my details. I imagined she was writing them down in her diary, instead of entering them into the Pest and Building Inspection Melbourne database. I wanted her to think of me as more than a customer, but why would she? I had just walked into this woman’s work as a customer and fallen in love with her. I hadn’t spoken to her any longer than five minutes before I knew I wanted to marry her, but how. It seemed impossible that a woman like that would go for a man like me.