Bond cleaning done properly

I work for a local real estate company as a receptionist. We deal with tradespeople from all different backgrounds. We have to arrange maintenance and cleaning for some tenants and it’s very interesting to see how quickly they can get jobs done. One of the tenants is having trouble finding a decent cleaning company to do their vacate cleans so I decided to offer the services of Bond cleaning Canberra. I did mention to the tenant that we could have arranged all of this at the beginning but I think they tried to find the cheapest service. I had no problem with arranging for End of lease cleaning Canberra to go to the tenants house to clean the property, but I did have a problem with the tenants complaining about the service of their previous cleaning company. The tenant had been refused full bond refund because the bond clean was not sufficient. There was a bit of a problem between the tenant and property manager. The tenant believed that because they’d already paid to have a company do the clean they should be refunded their bond, regardless of the quality of the clean. It took awhile for the property manager to explain that real estate works in specific ways and you must leave the house clean enough for the next tenant to move in. Once the tenant finally understood what the property manager was trying to tell them the agreed to have us arrange for Vacate cleaning Canberra to do their bond cleaning and to have the payment deducted from their rental bond. In the end, there was a lot of stress and hassle, and money loss for no reason. If the tenant had of trusted that we would arrange an affordable and quality service, none of this would have happened.