Birthday girls gets the invite surprise

My beautiful daughter was turning 11 and I wanted to spoil her. She was so well behaved and always did what she had to without whinging. She was a mini adult, finding great joy in helping me with the most mundane tasks. She was my princess and I wanted to treat her like she was. She didn’t often get presents and rarely asked for them. She had a large group of friends at school and from her gymnastics class whom she wanted to invite to her party. We had spoken about party games and what she wanted to happen on the day. We spoke about Party Invitations and what style she would like. She told me she wanted pink and green Girls Invitations sent out to her friends. She wanted to have a yellow butterfly on the front. Once we started looking at the examples on the internet there was a lot of invitations that she liked. I looked up a Childrens Invitations creator and producer and placed an order for twenty invitations. My daughter loved her choice and wanted to keep one for herself to put in her diary. After we had arranged the invitations, we were off to the shopping centre to pick up some things for the party. We looked at party games, prizes, goodie bags and lots of other things. My daughter saw some children’s costumes in one of the stores and asked her if she could have a costume party. I told her it was already too late because we had already done all the invitations but I told her to choose a costume that she liked and she could wear it to her party. When she asked me about wearing a costume when nobody else was, I told her she was special, it was her special day, she could wear whatever she wanted!