Accidents in the workplace

My neighbour works for a tree lopping company. Last year he was called to a job deep in the woods which entailed not just lopping but actually ripping the roots out of the ground along with the tree. He jumped at the chance to work on such a large job and immediately got a crew together and started planning how it would all work and assign tasks to certain people. Because no-one in the group had done this sort of job before they were not fully prepared and didn’t realise how much equipment was required. At the job site the men set up the equipment that they had and got on with it. No one was to realise until it was too late that the roots of the trees, when ripped out of the ground by a specific machine, fly out faster than the speed of a bullet. Unfortunately while on the job my neighbour was hit in the foot by a tree root, his co-worker sprained his wrist, another pulled muscles in his back and the guy operating the machine dislocated his shoulder. They all received physiotherapy at Physiotherapy Rouse Hill. The Physiotherapist Rouse Hill were fantastic and helped everyone get back into the swing of things. He also referred two of the guys to Sports Physio Rouse Hill as their injuries were not as bad as the others. The men stayed in intensive programs for around two months with regular weekly visits now that they have returned to their own homes. All recovered well, not fully, but enough to live life happily.